Welcome Chris Broman to Billings Beach Homes!

Please join me in welcoming Chris Broman to the Billings Beach Homes family! Chris grew up in the South Bay and has been working in sales for over 15 years. His tenacity, caring nature, positive demeanor and commitment to finding solutions makes him an exemplary real estate professional. Chris is married, with two kids and two dogs. When not focused on work he loves to spend that time avidly surfing.

Getting to Know Chris

What Excites You About Joining Billings Beach Homes?
Besides the amount of respect and support I get from Brook, if I had to sum it up: we both put client relationships before transactions, which builds long lasting trust. Our goals are similar and I thrive off of working with likeminded people. I am looking forward to combining our networks and knowledge to help more people through some of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make.
What Is Your Proudest Moment as a Real Estate Professional?
Honestly, it goes way back to my very first listing. That proud moment knowing that you are on track to a new career is something that sticks with you.
What Is the Biggest Trend You Are Seeing in the Market?
Having a yard or some outdoor space is a hot commodity for buyers right now. Especially with limited inventory in the marketplace, if you are thinking of selling and you have a yard or pool, this is the time to do so!
What Is the Biggest Opportunity for Sellers and Buyers Right Now?
Priced right with proper marketing, a seller has the opportunity to net top dollar due to the continued desire for more inventory. Driving this motivation are buyers that continue to take advantage of historically low interest rates. Even if you feel like you might or have overpaid as a buyer, I wouldn’t worry. Rates are so low in some cases it cancels itself out, making paying a little more not so bad - and it’s one way to get your foot in the door.

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